Shared Education 

Shared Education has been an integral part of school life in Holy Family PS and Currie PS.  Our collaboration was founded through the Shared Education Signature Programme and since then the partnership has gone from strength to strength. The children involved have been so lucky to experience activities above and beyond the mainstream curriculum. 
KS1 children have enjoyed shared nature walks, outdoor play, Jump, Jiggle and Jive sessions and art activities. Our KS2 children have shared experiences through the World Around Us, The Arts and ICT and have participated in the Forgiveness Programme and the TAMHI Programme. Pupils also got the opportunity to collaborate with Limestone United and helped to design their new crest.
The Shared Education Choir are renowned for their fabulous performances, winning competitions including FISCA Choir of the Year. Mrs O’Hare and Mrs Blair were merited with a ‘Blackboard Award’ for their work in Shared Education. 
The Shared School Council regularly participate in community clean ups and have previously enjoyed trips to the Balmoral Show and Antrim Castle Gardens.
The teachers and management of both schools meet regularly to plan and improve teaching and learning. Building good relationships between staff is a key way that we can show the children the many benefits of Shared Education.
We hope that our strong partnership with Currie PS will continue for many years to come and the enjoyment and experiences the children have had will continue to positively impact their lives and feed into the community in the future. 
Primary 2
Primary 5