Water is a crucial aspect of our lives. We use it not just for drinking and washing but also for industry, agriculture and making almost any kind of product, from hamburgers and tin cans to newspapers and cars.

Our demand for water has grown to the point that the natural water cycle can no longer keep up. Pollution, mainly caused by sewage leaks and chemical discharges, has made clean water a rare and valuable commodity.  Less than 2% of the world’s water supply is fresh water.

With this in mind our Eco-Committee and wider school wanted to help make a difference to how people think about and use water in school and at home by focusing on this topic as an area of study for the Green Flag.   

Some of the activities included - 

  1. NI Water Assembly on water conservation and refill for free, save our sea initiative
  2. Recycling and measuring rain water in the school grounds. 
  3. Promotion of the use of reusable water bottles and tap water rather than bottled water.