The best way to describe litter is to say it is waste in the wrong place. That is, rather than being placed in a bin or other waste container, waste is left on the pavement, park or school field. Litter is untidy and unsightly and can affect people’s view on the quality and safety of an area. Litter can consist of anything from a tiny sweet wrapper or an empty sandwich box to a discarded mattress in a public park. The majority of litter comes from people dropping it either on purpose or by accident, although some litter comes from other sources, for example wind-blown or natural litter.

The Eco-Committee and wider school felt it was extremely important to tackle the issue of litter  in order to help prevent littering in school and local environment.  The Eco-Committee wanted to get the message across that litter reduction and prevention is an ongoing process that involves the whole school community.   Litter therefore became a focus for the most recent Green Flag. 


Some of the litter activities included - 

  1. BIG Spring Clean in the school grounds, local community and local park
  2. Working with Currie Primary to tackle litter in the local area
  3. Whole school litter pick project 

2019 BIG Spring Clean 

The Big Spring Clean


Eco Schools Wheelie Big Challenge

Cash for Clobber