Year 2

Welcome to Primary 2!


Here at Holy Family, we provide all of our children with a safe, nurturing environment where they have the opportunities to learn and grow. Throughout Primary 2 our children explore many areas of learning through their topics, stories, activities and play. They form friendships, develop new skills and find a love of learning! 


The topics we explore in Primary 2 are:

Safe and Sound

Winter Wonderland

Grumbles, Growls and Roars

Home Sweet Home

A Pirate's Life for Me


We explore these topics through reading, writing, play based learning and trips. Daily play-based sessions are planned around a focus learning topic.  The children engage in a wide range of play-based activities every day such as role play, sand and water, construction, art and craft, small world, dough and tabletop activities that enhance their learning in all areas of the curriculum.


Our P2s are encouraged to develop a love of reading and writing through daily literacy activities, and they also engage in a range of numeracy activities to develop their mathematical skills and concepts.


Keep an eye on our Year 2 gallery to see all of the fun things we get up to in Primary 2!