Following previous successful visits by Holy Family teachers to Uganda, Mr Kelly and Ms Brankin recently returned from visiting our partner school, St. Paul's.  They brought penpal letters from the children in our school and some resources for the teachers there.  They shared photographs and stories about our school with the children and teachers in St Paul's, and found out about the changes that have been made since our last visit.  We have been able to assist Principal Aggripina in starting a banana plantation in the school grounds and hope that through our continued partnership we can both benefit further.  Holy Family also hosted Aggripina again  this year, which gave our children another chance to meet her and ask her lots of questions.  This time she was accompanied by Madame Oliver, who was overwhelmed by the welcome she received from the children of Holy Family.  Hosting the visitors was a wonderful experience for teachers and children alike.  

Partnership with St Paul's Primary School in Uganda

Ms McQuaid, Mrs Hinds and Ms McGranaghan's visits to our adopted school in Uganda was a spiritually uplifting experience for the whole school.  We were able to experience life for the children of St. Paul's Primary School through photographs and stories from the teachers.  Your donations to date have provided generators in two classrooms.  As the year progresses we hope to provide more generators and a mid day meal for the children.  This project will be our focus for the future.  We want to make a difference to the lives of these children and we want our own children to understand how fortunate we are and how much we can learn from the children in St. Paul's.