Our World Around Us topics include:

  • Amazon Adventures
  • Raiders and Traders
  • Up and Away (Flight)
  • My Greek Odyssey
  • We've Got the Power! (energy)

2019-2020 Photo Gallery 

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2019-2020 Video Gallery

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Anti-Bullying Week 2017


Planting Bulbs in the Edina Project

Maths is Fun!

The World's Biggest Lesson

P6 Authors on World Book Day 2016


Primary 6 thoroughly enjoyed reading their stories to Primary 1 and Primary 2!


We Can Tessellate!

The children in primary 6 learned all about Tessellation this week. Tessellation is a bit like tiling - it's all about fitting shapes together without gaps or overlaps. The children created patterns using carpet shapes and their ipads. They now know which 2d shapes tessellate best and which do not tessellate at all.....we're looking at you, circle! 

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Race for Peace

Our Year 6 children have started the year with a bang! They were invited to the International Peace Day balloon launch with children from Currie Primary School.  They were delighted to see some of their friends from our neighbour school and there was great excitement as the balloons made their way up into the Belfast Skyline!